The shooting

The shoot will take place as agreed in the PPM.

Before the shoot, the Production company will supply the TV Producer with a production call sheet and shotlist/storyboard with intended shoot schedule. Communication agency will present on set TV Producer and any other relevant personnel essential to the project and will arrive at the time designated by the Production company.

The Communication agency personnel needs to be available at all times during the shoot for on-set consultations, forming their comments and suggestions and communicating them to the Production company in a unambiguous way in order to avoid delays in the shooting schedule.

It is advisable, even though not always essential, for a representative of the Advertiser to attend the shoot, accompanied or not by a member of the Communication agency account team to be available for potential consultations on specific aspects of the commercial film. Such representative has to be authorised to make executive decisions if necessary.

During the time on set, any specialist or advisor proposed by either the Advertiser, the Communication agency or the Production company (e.g. food stylist, product specialist etc.) falls under the instructions of a director and a producer of the Production company, which above the services providing includes length of the working day and general working discipline.

Any personnel visiting the set needs to be announced and obtain a permission to be on set by the Production company. Visitors have to register upon their arrival on set with the Production company.

Anyone attending the shoot, including visitors, has to comply with the instructions and restrictions set by the Production company to follow the safety on set.

The Advertiser will supply the Production company with any products, packaging or product mock-ups that are featured in the film and which had been agreed at the PPM.

Any request by the representative(s) of the Communication agency to review a shot or to playback an existing footage shot will have to be discussed with the Production company producer. Extensive use of playback on set will delay the shooting schedule.

After a discussion with the Communication agency and the representative(s) of the Advertiser, it is up to the Production company to determine, once the requirements of the script have been fulfilled and met, if any extra footage will be produced to aid the creative approach without increasing the approved budget.

Any change or addition to the shot list during the shoot has to be done with the approval of all parties concerned.
Such changes will be at extra cost which needs to be presented to the Communication agency/the Advertiser’s representative. Time being the essence, it is necessary to have the changes and extra costs related to those changes approved on the spot by a personnel authorised to do so. The Production company will incorporate the additional costs into an additional cost estimate.

In some cases it is not possible to present an accurate estimate on set however if all parties are adamant that the changes are necessary for the success of the film, the Production company can forward the additional estimate as quickly as possible after the shoot.