Multinational production

In case of a multinational production, it is important that the Advertiser decides as soon as possible; e.g. when initially briefing the Communication agency.

Not making other parties involved aware of this option in time will result in unforeseen costs. Once a TV-commercial has been made; any further modification of the basis brief can be very costly.

For this reason, employees of multinational Advertisers with access to foreign markets will have to be capable to consider the potential of each presented script for use in different markets, even if the brand or the service is sold at foreign markets under another brand name.

An efficient planned and produced ‘multinational’ commercial will not have to be more expensive than an identical commercial which is made just for one country apart from the local editing requirements ;e.g. titles, or the length of the commercial. In case national differences are to be foreseen or payments of clearly defined costs for cast, music and production rights are required, these will have to be negotiated before the start of the shooting.