General introduction

Each advertiser considers the production of a commercial as a very important matter, not only due to the financial investment, but mainly because of the desired impact they hope the commercial will have on their clients and the companies and services which are being advertised. The production of a commercial needs a very careful and though-through approach as it represents an important investment where the potential return is hoped to be higher than the initial input investment.

Each advertiser will in advance clearly liaise with the communication agency and the production company to create an optimal environment for producing a commercial in a cost-effective manner, which meets best the advertiser’s needs and requirements in the best achievable quality.

The key for a successful production lays mainly in having sufficient time to prepare the production in order to meticulously plan and execute the production.

Even though each production has an individual time frame and time requirements/restrictions, one has to realise that ‘ideal’ circumstances exist sporadically. That shouldn’t undermine the recommendations described in this document. Often there is not enough time available. Each advertiser has to carefully assess their needs and options at the very beginning of the process.