Briefing of the production company

On each production, one person will be assigned within the Communication agency to be responsible for any communication between the Communication agency and the Production company. In majority of cases, this responsibility lays within the role of the TV Producer. The TV Producer oversees the production, liaise with the Production company and monitors the production costs during all stages of the production.

Once the script is approved by the Advertiser and the Communication agency has obtained a legal clearance for the script, the Communication agency will decide whether they will approach one production company and ask to submit an offer (single bid) or whether they will organise a pitch involving several production companies (pitch). The selection process of which Production companies will be invited to the pitch is a result of the Communication agency’s internal discussion.

The shortlist may include not more than three (3!) independent Production companies!

It is not allowed to have independent Production companies and a in-house Production unit together in one pitch.

The Production company has be informed whether they are being invited to a single bid or to a pitch.
In case a single bid transforms into a pitch, the production company has to be notified.

In a single bid or a pitch, the very first step is a briefing session between the Communication agency (TV-Producer and Creative team) and the Production company concerned in order to agree on all the important phases of the production. All elements of the production discussed will be also confirmed in written document – the Production and Insurance Briefing Specification (PIBS): The PIBS has to be completed by the TV Producer or any other personnel nominated by the Communication agency or Advertiser and distributed directly to the Production companies involved.

The following rules apply on the pitch process (being that of a single bid or a pitch)

  • All Production companies, which agree to enter the pitch, should receive a PIBS in the CFP format which needs to be completed by the TV Producer or other Agency authorised personnel) and needs to consist of all production requirements and specifics that apply for the production. The specs will include all relevant information and requirements, e.g. a requirement to supply a storyboard, producing animatics or test films. If a PIBS is absent, the offer by a Production company won’t be considered as final and the Production company reserves the right to amend/finalise their offer after the specifications are discussed with the Communication agency.
  • In case the Communication company has yet not received the go ahead to commend the pitch by the Advertiser, the confirmation has to be obtained as soon as possible and the Production company(ies) have to be informed on all developments vital for the production.
  • All relevant information and materials will be made available to the Production company(ies) in order to make an accurate offer. By complying with this rule, (a) Production company(ies) will deliver a tailored offer, covering all specifics and requirements of the production to satisfy the expectations of the Advertiser and/or the Communication agency.
  • The Communication agency will design a clear production-planning schedule, specifying deadline date for the delivery of the finished commercial film.
  • It is essential to allow enough time for the pitching process, especially for productions, which involve a substantial art department, or require filming on locations abroad, or when a specific research needs to be carried out in order to deliver an accurate offer.

All participating Production companies have to receive the same time span for elaborating on their offers and the same date for delivering the offer. With the exception of a fast-track-pitch – there will be one working week between the briefing meeting and the delivery of the offer.

  • When completing the PIBS; the Communication agency will give an idea of the size of the budget available in order to receive an accurate and precise offer.
  • A production offer is considered as final when based on the PIBS and director’s intention note (treatment). Offers given before having the director’s intention note available, will be considered as estimates based on the supplied script or storyboard and the Communication agency will be made aware of the fact.


** Document 2: Production and Insurance Briefing Specification (PIBS) – Download Here