CFP becomes BCP Belgium

Strongly united for high-quality and safe film production

BCPB, a new name for a better future

We all want a creative and sustainable independent film production industry. 

Since 1986, the Belgian federation for the Branded Content Producers (formerly known as “CFP”) has been relentlessly working behind the scenes to support the independent production companies to achieve just that. However, we might have kept ourselves a little too much in the shadows. Time for a change!

Amongst other things, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic clearly illustrated the need for our organisation to bring all stakeholders of our beloved industry together and decide on actions to appropriately tackle the crisis. 
Our renewed association, simply named “BCPB”, allows all independent Belgian production companies to stay connected amongst each other and tackle current and future challenges in our industry. 

The BCPB also acts as the liaison with other professional associations (such as the ACC, UBA, etc). 

Our mission is to connect all Belgian production companies and to keep driving our industry forward based on the core values: creativity and sustainability. 

We are also connecting production companies across Europe. The BCPB is an affiliated member of CFP-Europe, the European federation for advertising production associations across Europe, representing 21 countries and over 900 independent production companies. 

The current BCPB members are:
Hamlet, Latcho, Caviar, Denzzo, Lovo Films, Who Killed Joe?, De Machine, Landvogel, The Breakfast Club, Czar and LES MECS.
Obviously, every independent Belgian production company is most welcome to join. 

Want to get in touch with us? 
BCPB appointed a new independent coordinator: Katelijne Berx. 
For questions, partnerships or to join as a member: get in touch

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